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Jewelry Care Guide

Follow the steps below to keep your jewelry looking like new. Protect your jewelry by storing your items in jewelry pouch or Twinkle Links gift box. 

Caring for gold or silver dipped jewelry:

Dipped (or plated) jewelry is coated with a thin layer of material such as 18k gold or sterling silver. Anything plated will eventually tarnish with time and wear. By taking proper care of dipped jewelry, you can prolong its life and keep it bright and beautiful.

Here are some steps to take:

  • Keep your dipped jewelry away from chemicals, oils and makeup. It’s a good idea to always put on your jewelry last, after applying makeup, hairspray and perfumes. When doing chores, take off your dipped jewelry, as the chemicals in soaps, detergents and cleaners can impact the layer of gold or silver. 
  • Don’t expose dipped jewelry to chlorinated or salty water. This means taking off the jewelry before swimming in pools, hot tubs or the sea. Also, take your jewelry off before exercising to avoid sweat and extra friction. 
  • When cleaning your dipped jewelry, use a mild liquid soap with warm water. Avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Avoid brushing or rubbing the dipped jewelry, as this can make it flake or fade, exposing the metal below.
  • Keep your dipped jewelry from rubbing and friction as this will cause the piece to wear down quickly and fade off. This can happen when you have multiple pieces rubbing against each other. Store dipped jewelry individually and in a dry area. 

Caring for sterling silver jewlery:

Sterling silver jewelry is made from a minimum of 92.5% pure silver alloyed with other metals to make 925 sterling silver. Tarnishing is a natural consequence of silver reacting with elements of the air such as sulfur or hydrogen.

The biggest enemies of silver jewelry are chemical products. Taking care of your silver basically means avoiding any exposure of your silver to household chemicals when cleaning (such as bleach or ammonia), or going to pools that have chlorinated water. These substances might damage your silver.

This may surprise you, but the best way to maintain your silver jewelry in good shape is by wearing it often! Storing silver for prolonged periods can lead to tarnishing the piece through oxidation. The consequence of this is a darkish black color that will appear on the surface of your jewelry. 

Caring for stretchy bracelets:

To put it on, roll over your hand instead of pulling it out and stretching it over your hand. You'd want to stretch the bracelet as little as possible to preserve its elasticity. Avoid doing chores that might get your stretchy bracelet caught in action. 

As mentioned above, keep your elastic jewelry from chemicals that can damage it over time. Shampoo and soaps in the shower, hair sprays, perfume, body lotions, and sunscreen can all eventually break down the elastic that keep the piece together. So take elastic bracelets off before applying lotions or sprays, and take them off before going into pools, hot tubs, or the ocean. 

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