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Sizing Guide

Measure Your Wrist

Wrap a measuring tape around your wrist where you want the bracelet to sit comfortably. Make sure to leave just enough wiggle room so that it doesn't feel too tight or too loose. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a simple string, pinch the ends together where they meet, and lay the piece of string flat against a ruler to get your wrist measurement. 

Determine the Length of Your Bracelet 

For stretchy bracelet (made with stretchy cord), add about 0.2"/0.5cm - 0.4"/1cm to your wrist measurement.

For example, if your wrist measurement is 6.5"/16.5cm, then add 0.2"/0.5cm - 0.4"/1cm to it, you would want a stretchy bracelet is that between 6.7"/17cm to 6.9"/17.5cm in length. 

For non-stretchy bracelet, such as those with a lobster claw clasp, add 0.6"/1.5cm - 0.79"/2cm to your wrist measurement. If you want a loose fit, add 0.8"/2cm - 1.2"/3cm. 

For example, if your write measurment is 6.5"/16.5cm, then add 0.6"/1.5cm - 0.79"/2cm to it, you would want a non-stretchy bracelet is that between 7.1"/18cm - 7.3"/18.5cm. 

Most of our bracelets are approximately 7" or 18cm with a stretchy cord, which fits most female wrists. If you want to request a different size bracelet (between 6"/15.25cm - 8.5"/22cm), please reply with your order confirmation email within 12 hours to and let us know what size you request. We will gladly change it free of charge. Please allow for a longer processing time as your bracelet will be made to order. 

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